Jottys Minecraft Mods

Forge VersionMinecraft VersionName 0.0.6
  • cook eggs to cooked eggs so you can eat them
  • cook spider eyes to cooked ones that can be crafted to gold
  • cook cooked spider eyes to diamond ones that can be crafted to diamond
  • burn earth to clay
  • configure everything in the configuration file; need a new recipe? just add it to the config file and restart minecraft Mod 0.3
Jottys Mod 0.6(craft nether wart from gold ingot and nether brick)
Jottys Mod 0.8(added salt)
Jottys Mod 0.9(added dirt brick)
Jottys Mod 1.0(added land ownership brick)
Jottys Mod 1.2(made it server compatible)
Jottys Mod 1.3(respect dimension in ownership)
Jottys Mod 1.4(use item transfer to some other mods)
Jottys Mod 1.5(added sand, dirt and rose wall) Mod 1.7
Jottys Mod 1.8(save world properties in world folder instead of minecraft base folder)
Jottys Mod traders and timber)
Jottys Mod coin and cut mushrooms also at once)
Jottys Mod try to create folder for config file if not exists)
Jottys Mod market place under traders spawn point)
Jottys Mod cotton)
Jottys Mod market place)
Jottys Mod skin for trader)
Jottys Mod timber only for new copper pickaxe, added copper and silver tools to harvest more than one block at once)
Jottys Mod axe for faster tree chopping) Mod runnable on servers) Mod compatible) Mod many diamond recipes by coin) Mod destroying blocks by copper or silver tools that are owned by another player) Mod trader implementation server compatible) Mod recipes as fuel added) Mod added) Mod sand added) Mod silver and copper coins) Mod traders houses and fast leave decay on using copper or silver axe) Mod new traders houses and improved spawning in deserts) Mod new features, just bug fixes) Mod houses) Mod 1.9.26(first version for 1.9) Mod 1.9.27(repaired anti grief) Mod 1.9.28(using getter instead of public method variables) Mod 1.9.29(fixed npe) Mod 1.9.30(refactored) Mod 1.9.31(included auto sapling variant for all bushes) Mod 1.9.32(fixed server anti grief folder) Mod 1.9.33(forge update) Mod 1.10.35(forge update) Mod 1.10.36(forge update, added blaze ore) Mod biomesoplenty trees also) Mod selection on using pickaxe and schovel optimized) Mod 1.11.40(forge update) Mod 1.11.41(added slime clumb) Mod 1.11.42(craft biomesoplenty saplings to sapling cores) Mod 1.11.43(building plan added - not yet stable) Mod 1.11.44(user groups for undercoat ownerships) Mod json file added) Mod improvements) Mod corrections)
  • cook salted eggs
  • cook spider eyes to cooked ones that can be crafted to gold nuggets
  • cook cooked spider eyes to diamond ones that can be crafted to diamond
  • burn earth to dirt bricks
  • find copper ore, mine it and burn it to copper ingot
  • craft chained armor from silver ingot
  • craft sheers and buckets from silver ingot
  • craft rail tracks and minecarts from copper


TODO; until finished, see images folder
Get the sources from github: if you want to try out building your own mod.